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Epic Enviro to the Rescue!

After taking a shower one evening, I went down to my kitchen to find a fresh water spot in the ceiling from a location just below the piping between the upstairs shower and vanity. The source of the leak was unknown at that time, but I called the Association Management Company and also the property manager for the specific owner of my unit to alert them to possible water damage. In the couple of weeks just prior to the leak presenting itself, my eyes began to itch and I was coughing and experiencing headaches. I thought it was perhaps early season allergies. What was really occurring was water seeping through smaller grout openings in the shower and running along the line of the pipes in the interior wall and finally seeping down to the kitchen ceiling. After 2 ½ weeks between both manager and the management company determining who would remedy the problem, the headaches, coughing and itchy eyes continued to worsen. The leak was producing a surface type mold that was affecting my breathing. The leak problem was eventually repaired, but there was no assistance from either management company regarding professional mold mitigation. I called Epic Enviro Systems because of their reputation for service and success in mold mitigation. Alan and Rob came to my location to inspect the condition of the water damage and assessed the extent of the damage quickly. My unit was treated with the patented Goldmorr product which eliminated the mold spores that were present throughout my residence. Within one day of the mold cleaning treatment, my headaches, coughing and itchy eyes were relieved. I would recommend the services of Epic Enviro for any water damage remedy and particularly for any mold problem that arises from a leak or any other water flooding damage. Thanks for the rescue!


Highly recommend!

Came same day we called to make appointment. Very easy to work with, dependable, very friendly, and reasonably priced. Great quality work! No more mold problems!


We had a flood over the holidays and called two other flood companies and they “were too busy” to get to us. Rob took our call and responded immediately and took the time to help us. Good thing too since Rob found black mold under our floor and advised us to relocate the family temporarily while our house was decontaminated. Rob took good care of us and we really appreciate it!


Our company manages multiple properties in Steamboat Springs. On Christmas Day, we discovered a multi-day flood in one of our properties. It was a real emergency, as we had renters coming in at 4pm the next day. Rob and his team worked until 11pm Christmas Day and all day the next to remove the flood damaged carpets and pad and prepare the property for the occupants. We could not believe how incredibly clean the entire home was when Epic was done. We will certainly use Epic Floods for any problems we may have on the future!


Thorough and Professional

We appreciated the thorough and professional job done by the staff at Epic Enviro. They assessed the situation that needed attention completely and thoroughly and then made a game plan on how to tackle it. They used the right tools and chemicals to get the job done right, and their pricing was fair. Then, when they missed a spot (which was our fault), they came back on a Saturday morning to fix it. And they came over within an hour of my phone call. We appreciated that. They are also very conscientious about getting the job done right and making sure all problems are mitigated the first time, and for the long term. Epic Enviro is an asset to the Steamboat community.


Our house flooded for almost three weeks and was a complete disaster. We called Rob and he responded and arrived within 30 minutes. Rob and the guys worked very hard to dry out our home and kept us informed about their progress. We had many questions and concerns and all were addressed to our satisfaction. They also kept our home very clean! We would highly recommend Rob to anyone!


We had a flood in our home and called Rob for help. He did a great job of restoring our home. Thanks!


My renters were complaining of health issues and we noticed mold growing in the crawlspace and basement areas of our rental property. We had several 'outrageously' high estimates from other mold remediating companies and were surprised when Robs' estimate was about half the cost. We were a bit skeptical but when Rob guaranteed our satisfaction or we would not have to pay, we gave him a chance.

Well, we were very satisfied and happy with the work (as were our tenants)! Thanks Guys!


Rob responded to a large flood in our home at Steamboat Lake and took very good care of our home and were available throughout the entire restoration and remodeling process.


The "survey" seemed thorough. We never had mold issues before so I cannot speak with experience. We had another organization bid on our job. They portrayed indifference and spent a total of 15 minutes in scanning for mold, said next to nothing. Epic spent about 2 hours, scanning the suspect location and tracing locations of potential vectors. They spoke to us all through their inspection then outlined a course of remediation actions. Confidence gained. Actual remediation seems to be complete and successful. Subsequent scans demonstrate the remediation of our mold problem to be resolved and according to the remediation plan.